classes, tools, techniques, coaching and learning opportunities that educate and empower through a practical ‘do it yourself’ approach. Additionally, we will share communication briefings, articles, videos and podcasts that expand and enhance your career runway. 


·       A ‘teach’ model* of educating through a DIY approach; rather than a ‘tell’ model* of educating

·       Building personal and professional confidence by designing practical application learning styles

·       Giving every client an opportunity to excel and improve their overall quality of life and career


·       Offer affordable and client center classes and programs

·       Share discount SPECIALS & COUPONS to show our appreciation

·       Provide classes on areas of special interests to clients… (starting a business, writing a book, building confidence, etc.) 

Hi, I’m Patricia Leonard

“I did not come from knowing; however, from years of learning, it is now my pleasure to share that others might know.”

It is my belief, we become better as a society and global world by giving others an opportunity to be and have. What they do with that is their choice. Creating the RUNWAY TO SUCCESS School of learning is my way of sharing!


"I recently had the pleasure of attending several career transition workshops that Patricia facilitated. She put forth a great deal of effort into the content and it is clear she cares about her clients. My resume writing, interviewing and negotiation skills benefited tremendously from her expertise. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone needing a career transition coach." - Julia Brock

I met Patricia when our company was closing it’s doors, and she was hired to help with outplacement services. I cannot recommend her enough for her ability to provide game changing results in career negotiations, instilling confidence in interview prep, resume revamping, positioning and strategy. She is a great career resource and I recommend her to individuals and companies looking for coaching and mentoring in these areas. - David Vonn Williams

In the years of interacting with Patricia Leonard professionally, recommending her, and observing her in action, these are conclusions I would draw. She is collaborative, transparent, approachable and passionate about the goals at hand. She is results oriented with the ability to not only set goals but also design, implement and monitor plans for improvement. She is engaging with outstanding interpersonal skills and a polished, professional presence. Patricia is politically savvy, understands when to seek counsel and to involve others; is a results-oriented change agent who is an effective business systems thinker with the proven ability to bring projects to successful completion with sustainability. She has superb interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, and is particularly effective in the areas of caring and compassion while communicating professionally from a podium or one-on-one. She is a motivator who inspires those in her audience to action or those with whom she interacts one-on-one to action. - Patsy Writesman